Fishing tournament report…Wahoo loco fishing team weighs 276lb yellowfin

The Zhao, with Choco, Roberto and Shalo (Ganzalo) headed north late yesterday afternoon to join the 2nd international Eastcape fishing tournament in Los Barrilles.  Packed with Calamar and knowledge of where large tuna had been feeding the past few days, the gameplane payed off.  By 130pm , after and hour and a half run south down the baja, the ZHAO returned to the weigh station to slam the scales with a 276lb yellowfin tuna.  Of course no guarantees with lots of big fish and great teams still on the water, but  it will be VERY hard to beat.  This tuna was even crushing the next largest fish, a blue marlin weighing in at 240lbs.   We´ll keep you posted.