First Evening Tuna Fishing HUGE success.

The estrella del norte eased her way out of the marina, on the killer hot day today in San jose del cabo right around 430 (as scheduled with all on board)  Three happy clients spread out and enjoyed the quick 40 minute ride to the outer Gordo Banks to search for Tuna.   Things started slow, as the goal was to hook a few big fish, so the crew worked for around 35 minutes trying to pull some bolitos up, but was not the day for bait schools.  By 6 the crew switched over to the secret weapon bait (straight from the freezer to the hook)  Working a chum line, and marking fish, it took all of 8 minutes before the bite went wild.   Speak of bloody decks,  An hour and a half of ¨fish on!¨ to fish in the fish box and the clients and the crew had the tuna limit…just in time to begin the trip back to the Puerto Los cabos marina as the sunset behind the mtns.   When you fish the afternoon noon bite…RARE to have other boats on the water with you…and there´s a rare opportunity to be on the water as the sunsets and the air is cooling down from the hot summer heat.