Early Thursday Fish report—-first marlin

first marlinEnrique…who is very familiar with the Estrella del Norte, being one of the two main carpenters who built the Estrella for almost two years, joined us for an early morning out to the 1150 today.  We are a company that emphasizes catch and release for Bill Fish…the boat captain and Enrique both wanted to bring the fish home to their families in celebration of his first marlin catch.

We left the marina at just before 6, the sun had yet to break the horizon.  Lines in the water just before 7 and at 745, Enrique had is fish on board after about a 20 minute battle.  We worked our way back to the marina until lines out at 9, and docked the boat at 930 for an early perfect morning on the water.  Congrats and thank you Enrique for all the hard work and hours you put into building a beautiful boat, home made right here in San jose del cabo…sportfishing capital of the world!