Domingo Junio 16 Father´s Day Fishing tournament

Team North Star, today fishing with Donald, Choco, and Remelio (roberto) headed out for the 7am Father´s Day fishing tournament–focusing on Dorado, Tuna and Wahoo.  The water had dropped to below 70 the last few days so we had targeted about an hour north to warmer waters.  To our surprise we found warm water right outside the marina (up near 80 again).  We stuck to our game plan and as you would know it,  our fishing grounds were ripe…but with Marlin not with the target species.  In the first hour we had hooked 4 Stripers.    (and one small dorado).

As is the case, and with some luck, our patience paid off.  We worked our way south again we noticed a small grouping of boats…coming on them we saw the reason…a dead dolphin floating on the surface…which often means schooling fish below.   Five minutes later we boated a nice dorado in the 15lb range and in the last hour of fishing added four more, with the largest topping out at 23lbs.  Back at the dock we learned we had not been in the running to win in the top three weight categories but our fish held to winner in the largest jackpot for the day.  Winners again!… on the Estrellas del Norte…Nice tips around and a great day of fishing paid for with the winnings. father´s day marlin