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Mid May Marlin

A note from a happy customer.


Please let Choco y Roberto know how much we appreciated their tenacity in seeking, hooking, reeling, and hauling in this beauty:
The Walter Family
Burlington, Kentucky


Three friend from Denver…big dorado and first marlin. Feb 5th Marlin

A bit windy, headed south on the estrella with a gang of three, licking their wounds of the Broncos loss in the super bowl.  Determined to make the week better…

Sure enough…ten miles off of San Lucas, screaming reel and a double hook up…well not exactly.  Same big fish, hit two lines quickly breaking the line of one…the second held.  Each man on board got their 45 minutes fighting the marlin.  Before finally the deck hand, Remelio, had to finish the last ten minutes getting it boatside.

That and a large Dorado filled the day out made up for all the losses of the year that the Broncos went throught.  Thanks for a great day on the water guys.  See you next year…

Estrella del Norte and Zhao fill the coffers…offshore fishing in cabo hot now

The estrella del norte, choco captain, friends from colorado and california pulled in tuna, dorado and, more tuna.   All happy campers and with some beer left over to enjoy at the fish clean station.  Shortly followed by the Zhao, with captain Pedro, with two very nice dorado, a trigger fish and, a fish for the fisherman, a 150lb striped marlin.   All boats in the marina came in with fish as the water temp, bait, and time of year cannot be better for offshore fishing in in San jose Del Cabo.  Keep you posted on other fishing reports (not to mention the return of the whales for the season)


Wahoo, Dorado, a perfect family day offshore fishing in cabo.

The Estrella del Norte left at 6am sharp and not soon after had fish on board.   Aside from losing a 40lb dorado that almost jumped into Captain Chocos face escaping the gaff and freeing itself, the news of the day was the aggressive Wahoo.  Spend enough time fishing Wahoo you come to appreciate their teeth and aggressive nature.  Knocked a few times on the head, the Hoo gave one last flip of life and it was enough to slash the back of the hand for stitches.  (looked in the picture to see the wrapped hand in the photo of still a very happy client)   All is great in cabo, accidents or no accidents.   IMG-20131124-00314