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Wahoo Loco Fishing team wins again with 276lb yellowfin tuna

Choco, Shalo and Remelio boated the 276lb yellowfin on the 23 foot Zhao, close to 2 hours away from the weighin station at the 2nd annual Eastcape international fishing contest.  The hefty yellowfin beat out ALL the fish, including the Marlin division, for heaviest fish caught at the tournament.  Winnings in the top tuna and tuna jackpot categories bring in a nice days catch for the team, and a continued storied, and un precedented run of tournament wins for Captain Carlos Beltran and Wahoo Loco fishing teams.   In winning the overall tuna division, Wahoo loco has now qualified TWO teams for the National Fishing championship to be held later this year.  tuna champions again The Zhao and the Estrella del Norte are both still available for charters for the upcoming Tuna Shootout.