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Fishing tournament report…Wahoo loco fishing team weighs 276lb yellowfin

The Zhao, with Choco, Roberto and Shalo (Ganzalo) headed north late yesterday afternoon to join the 2nd international Eastcape fishing tournament in Los Barrilles.  Packed with Calamar and knowledge of where large tuna had been feeding the past few days, the gameplane payed off.  By 130pm , after and hour and a half run south down the baja, the ZHAO returned to the weigh station to slam the scales with a 276lb yellowfin tuna.  Of course no guarantees with lots of big fish and great teams still on the water, but  it will be VERY hard to beat.  This tuna was even crushing the next largest fish, a blue marlin weighing in at 240lbs.   We´ll keep you posted.



Estrella, change of taste for morning fishing. Weds August 28 fishing report

Estrella left the dock at 645, plenty of bait, ice, drinks, and one client on board from the Eastcoast, fishing with Choco.  Keeping to what we know and keeping it simple, out to the inner and outter Gordo.  The bite slowed today, the last couple of days of tuna boils was hit or miss…in fact did not see any tuna on the surface.  We hooked three nice dorado, one boated, and three tunitas for the day.  Compared to the last two weeks, a disappointing morning.  sometimes we think that when the tuna disappear over night it has to do with the Tuna Fleet (commercial) showing up after hours and pulling both the gordos clean of fish…it´s happened…our could be pre storm.  Hard to say…keep tuned in for future tuna reports…

Zhao out on the evening tuna bite…comes in with tunitas! fishing report

two clients on board, light tackle (with a few heavies, shimano 50s thrown in just in case)  The crew left the dock at 430 to head out to Gordo.  Three full squid, gone in one and a half hours, tuna boils to everyones delight.   Riding in on the sunset (just aftet 8)  the icebox filled, though we kept it to light tackle and the fun was on up until we hit the limit.     Seems the evening tuna fishing for clients is going better than we expected….



Sat Fishing Continues with dorado and a handful of tuna

Colorado meets California when two friends head out to the Banks for a day of fishing.   Unfortunately, the Estrella left the dock with less than normal Tuna bait, so the the tuna fishing was  cut short and kept to a handful of small tuna.  (other boats fishing gordo came in with lots of tuna )  Choco moved inshore and fished dorado, lots of schools of smaller fish, as you can see in the photo.  Still waiting for some of the larger Tunas to show up…but soon.  (a Nice 80lb wahoo was brought to the cleaning station so it seems that we are moving into fishing season a month early here in cabo)   satfishing

Friday fishing report for the Estrella de Norte

Why is August so hot?  Sweltering heat, even hotter fishing.  A bit of a chop from a 10 knt wind, but worked through the calamar to boat 10 football yellowfin.  Still schooling out on the Gordo.  With the tuna bait running low, switched to ballyhoo…not much time one in the water, on dorado in the boat.  7 bailers (small dorados) and three with some size…one tipping the 40lb mark.   Lots of tuna and dorado to be packed up at the hotel and shipped home for the happy customers.  Normally we  consider this slower fishing weather in August, yet the fish are showing up.  Though not targeting Marlin on todays trip, Choco said Marlin where every where…If you want to fish…Marlin, dorado and tuna tuna tuna.   If you´re in Los Cabos give us a call…we have a few days open still on the Estrella del Norte and on the Zhao.



Split a Charter Summer special $150/Person Estrella Del Norte

Wahoo loco is running one of it´s most popular summer specials yet.  Evening fishing on the Estrella Del Norte.   Departure from Puerto Los cabos  marina at 430 in the afternoon (wind permitting of course)  A quick 45 minute run to the outer Gordo Bank to fish the evening Tuna bite. First day of the special with three clients on board, more than 30 tuna boated between guests and crew.  For $150 (full inclusive) Wahoo loco will put you on the Tuna on one of the nicest, fastest boats fishing out of San jose OR Cabo San Lucas, the Estrella del Norte.  Space is limited to 5 Passengers per trip…price does not include tips for the crew or rides to or from hotel to the marina.


First Evening Tuna Fishing HUGE success.

The estrella del norte eased her way out of the marina, on the killer hot day today in San jose del cabo right around 430 (as scheduled with all on board)  Three happy clients spread out and enjoyed the quick 40 minute ride to the outer Gordo Banks to search for Tuna.   Things started slow, as the goal was to hook a few big fish, so the crew worked for around 35 minutes trying to pull some bolitos up, but was not the day for bait schools.  By 6 the crew switched over to the secret weapon bait (straight from the freezer to the hook)  Working a chum line, and marking fish, it took all of 8 minutes before the bite went wild.   Speak of bloody decks,  An hour and a half of ¨fish on!¨ to fish in the fish box and the clients and the crew had the tuna limit…just in time to begin the trip back to the Puerto Los cabos marina as the sunset behind the mtns.   When you fish the afternoon noon bite…RARE to have other boats on the water with you…and there´s a rare opportunity to be on the water as the sunsets and the air is cooling down from the hot summer heat.

Two Day on Del Norte Fishing report San Jose Del Cabo

Fishing from  central California to Baja California, a slight change in climate and species for the clients. Thursday and Friday fishing,  First day, a handful of football tunas, a few dorado, and two marlin, (one this very nice large striper).   Day two went for bottom fishing, with a VERY large Pargo, got into  a school of dorado, and coming back, Large Stripe marlinIMG-20130802-00942 a blue marlin to the boat.   Overall very happy clients with what we would call fishing at its best in cabo.  Headed home with a cooler FULL of fresh fish from marlin, dorado, tuna and pargo, a very nice mixture.